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Headshot of Chris Bradford

Chris Bradford


Tim Cheney

Director of Recruitment and Selection

Julie DeVoe

Director of Scholar Advising
Sophia has a big smile and is looking at the camera

Sophia Gutierrez

Scholar Recruitment and Outreach Manager

David Greer

Director of Development

Hannah Hannan

Executive Assistant

Kinya Harte Starnes

Director of Marketing and Communications

Melchee Johnson

Project Coordinator

Brad Marley

Annual Fund Manager

Megan Mazzocchi

Vice President

Julie McCay

Events Manager

Steve Michalak


Sarah O’Carroll

Content Manager

Emily Olson

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

Kim Jessen Roberson ’03

Western Region Development Officer

Ann Taylor Shaw

Program Coordinator for Scholar Advising

Ann Smith

Assistant Director of Scholar Selection

Montez Thomas

Assistant Director of Scholar Advising

Katy Vinroot

Scholarship Program Assistant

Anahid Vrana

Morehead House Manager
Julie Werry ’03

Julie Werry ’03

Scholar Advisor

Current Trustees

Headshot of Will Alston ’00

Will Alston ’00

Phil Berney ’86

Ex-Officio Trustee
Headshot for Holly Gwynne-Timothy

Holly Gwynne-Timothy

Headshot of Pearlynn Houck

Pearlynn Houck

General Counsel

Terri Lacy

Headshot of Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin

Rachel Pfeifer ’02

Headshot of Walker Poole ’87

Walker Poole ’87

Headshot of Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan ’85

Vice Chairman

David Wright ’80


Former Trustees

Timothy B. Burnett ’62

(2001–2016; Vice Chair 2006–2016)

Hugh G. Chatham

(1950–1985; Vice Chair 1964–1967; Chair 1967–1985)

Richard T. Chatham, Jr.


Lucy Hanes Chatham

(1985–2020; Vice Chair 2001–2006; Chair 2006–2020)

Robert Cluett


Norman A. Cocke

(1945–1967; Chair 1965–1967)

Alan T. Dickson

(1964–2006; Vice Chair 1967–1985; Chair 1985–2006)

W. Frank Dowd lV ’78


Mary Cain Driscoll


Jen Evans ’94

(Ex-Officio Trustee 2020–2022)

Howell K. Hallett


Frank Borden Hanes

(1965–2001; Vice Chair 1985–2001)

Robert M. Hanes


Jean Motley Morehead Larkin


John A. Larkin lll


John L. Morehead ll

(Founding Vice Chair 1945–1964)

John M. Morehead lll

(Founding Chair 1945–1965)

W. Harris Nelson


Russell M. Robinson ll

(General Counsel 1965–2007)

G. Kennedy Thompson ’73

(2004–2020; Vice Chair 2016–2020)

James D. Weaver