Step 1: Create Your Application

Visit and start your journey.

Step 2: Add Your School Counselor

Go to “ School Information” and scroll down.  Enter your school information, your senior year courses, and your college or guidance counselor.

Your school counselor needs to submit information by the application deadline. Entering their name allows us to give them access to the application portal—and gets the process started.

Step 3: Add Your Recommender

Go to “Recommendation” and enter your recommender’s contact information early. This gives them time to write and upload a great recommendation.

We’re often asked, “Who should be my recommender?” Choose someone who knows you well. They should be able to comment on your personal character, leadership qualities, and commitment to learning.

Step 4: Take A Breath

Stop. Take a Breath. Reflect.

Ask yourself questions such as: what are my values? What motivates me? What are my goals?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you immensely as you complete your application. Our process is designed to help us to get to know you, and that becomes much easier when you know yourself.

Step 5: Start Your Application

There’s no right —or wrong—order to work through your Morehead-Cain application.

Do it your way. Just pace yourself. And have fun—we mean it!

Step 6: Start Your Essay Responses . . .
Outside the Application Portal

Your essay is important. To us, and to you.

Every year, we hear from students who toiled over their essays for hours, only to be logged out of our portal after inactivity. Their work is lost.

We encourage you to draft your essay responses in Google Drive or Microsoft Word—and copy and paste when you’re ready.

Step 7: Check In With Your School
Counselor and Recommender

Your counselor and recommender have the same application deadlines that you do.

Remember to follow up with them a week before materials are due. Have they submitted your school information form? Is your recommendation ready for upload?

Step 8: Review and Submit

Try to give yourself a day to review your application before you finish. Reading it one more time will make you feel better.

Then hit “Submit” and relax. You did it!

And remember, the application deadline is October 1!

Selection Criteria

We seek students who embody our four pillars: leadership, character, scholarship, and physical vigor. But what do those words actually mean?