Having earned a Park Scholarship at N.C. State University, taught advanced physics through Teach For America, and worked as a program coordinator at Vanderbilt University, Julie DeVoe arrived at the Foundation in October 2012 with a wealth of education experience.

Guiding Morehead-Cain Scholars is an art and a science, and Julie is well-versed on both fronts. With a bachelor of science in polymer and color chemistry from N.C. State and a master’s in education from Vanderbilt, she can offer advice on everything from biomedical textiles to theories of pedagogy. Julie loves coaching scholars through the roller coaster of life in college and working with organizations to create once-in-a-lifetime summer enrichment opportunities.

Like any good polymath, Julie is also an avid hiker, camper, and all-’round outdoorswoman. She grew up on a farm, has completed five Outward Bound trips, and once built a campground at a baboon sanctuary in Belize. Every bit of that, bizarrely, is somehow relevant to the task of advising Morehead-Cain Scholars.

Julie lives in Durham with her husband and their two-year-old son, Ethan.