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IT’S MORE THAN A REUNION: It’s all the fun of college, with none of the stress.

A delightful blend of college reunion, high-level symposium, and Renaissance Weekend, the Morehead-Cain Alumni Forum presents an opportunity—every three years—for all Morehead-Cain Alumni to return to the Carolina campus for several days to relax, refresh, reconnect, and reengage.

Events during these long weekends include lively and thought-provoking panel discussions, short talks by fellow Morehead-Cain Alumni, fun runs, film screenings, campus tours, long coffee-break mixers, open-mic sessions, mini-class reunions and affinity gatherings, dinners with keynote speakers, and all kinds of entertainment.

Bright minds. Big ideas.

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Founded in 1995 by Morehead-Cain Alumnus Brad Ives ’86, the Alumni Forum brings alumni and scholars together to discuss life, career, and the most challenging issues of our time. But the goal is to go beyond exploring these issues; it’s to find solutions that better our lives and our communities.

What are SEVEN Talks?

Every class of Morehead-Cain Scholars comes in direct contact with seven others: the three classes ahead of it when it arrives at Carolina, its own, and the three classes that follow. Scholars have countless opportunities to learn from each other. In a larger sense, the idea of SEVEN is to promote the interaction and networking of Morehead-Cains across generations.

The Alumni Forum embodies this spirit with SEVEN Talks. Seven alumni and scholars on Saturday, and seven more on Sunday, get seven minutes each to share their wisdom with the Morehead-Cain community. The topics covered are broad, but all are enlightening.

SEVEN Talks, Round One | 2022 Morehead-Cain Alumni Forum

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SEVEN Talks, Round Two | 2022 Morehead-Cain Alumni Forum

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