Neha Saggi ’25 sitting on a bridge next to a river

Neha Saggi ’25

For her Global Perspective summer, Neha Saggi ’25 is in Northern England to research the United Kingdom’s structural approaches to maternal health promotion and sudden unexplained infant death (SUID) prevention. Her work is focusing on the role of midwives, health visitors, and safeguarding nurses within the broader healthcare model.

The scholar is also interning at the Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre to conduct a community-based, participatory research project that will seek to improve SUID prevention efforts within Scotland’s refugee population.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning about the continuity-based, personalized nature of maternal and infant healthcare delivery here in the United Kingdom,” Neha said.

Through the project, she’s been able to speak with health professionals about their efforts to combat healthcare inequalities, support vulnerable populations, and address the socioeconomic factors contributing to health disparities across different communities.

“In a time of crisis for maternal and infant health around the world, I find it imperative that we look closely at different clinical interactions and broader public health systems, and think critically about how we can learn from different healthcare models to better assist those who need it most.”

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July 18, 2023


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