Study Abroad

Explore the world and discover what you’re made of.

The Morehead-Cain supports scholars’ study abroad in multiple ways. There are traditional semester-abroad programs through Carolina. With funding from the Foundation, you have access to nearly 400 programs in more than 70 countries on every populated continent of the world.

We also know a full semester abroad is a challenge for some students. Commitments such as leadership roles, major course requirements, and athletics can get in the way. That’s why we also provide funding for shorter University-approved study-abroad opportunities as alternatives.

The list of destinations—and opportunities to explore—is nearly endless.

Ask scholars who have traveled the world to study. Each of them will tell you the experience was life changing. When you’re pushing past your comfort zone, broadening your own horizons, and engaging with people you’d never have the opportunity to meet otherwise—how can you not come back changed?

“By introducing me to people and communities halfway around the world, the Morehead-Cain instilled in me a desire to work, learn, and laugh with strangers and friends.”
  • Peter Diaz
  • Class of 2016