Life at Carolina

Your college experience, touched by magic.

The Morehead-Cain brings you to the nation’s first public university—and undoubtedly one of its finest and most beautiful. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a world-class institution, nestled in a place some say is touched by magic.

The core elements of life at Carolina include:

Intellectual Pursuits

You’ll engage with professors and other students to develop critical thought in the classroom. Maybe you’ll discover scientific breakthroughs in the lab or earn an award in creative writing.

“Innovation” is much more than a buzzword at Carolina. You’ll find that this is a place where students, faculty, and community and business leaders collaborate to find answers to all kinds of local and global challenges.

Public Service

You’ll find myriad ways to invest in public service on campus and around the world—often through the Carolina Center for Public Service or through the Campus Y, an umbrella organization for social justice groups.

Carolina is proud to be public; here you’re guaranteed to learn about local and state politics. And you’ll have the opportunity to get involved.


You’ll find yourself reclining under the centuries-old oak trees on the quad, admiring the Carolina-blue sky while discussing philosophy with someone you just met in class. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a screaming crowd, madly cheering on the six-time national championship-winning men’s basketball team. And you’ll find yourself lingering for hours at the dining hall dinner table, unable to tear yourself away from the side-stitching hilarity of your suitemate’s stories.

You’ll come here for an education. And in the process, you’ll find a home.

Carolina is a place where you’ll discover academic, personal, and professional paths. You’ll give back to the world through tangible acts of service. And every day you’ll find meaningful connections with people who encourage, challenge, and inspire.