What Is It?

For their third summer, rising junior and senior scholars set their sights on purposeful travel. Global Perspective offers scholars the opportunity to design experiences ranging from research, service-learning, shadowing, workshops/trainings, and/or an internship on a single issue.

Why Global Perspective?

Traveling—domestically or internationally—is an avenue for scholars to learn about themselves in unfamiliar settings, explore passions and pathways, and deepen their understanding of the world. As a self-design summer, scholars also learn how to plan and budget for travel and gain more independence.

What Have Scholars Done?

Scholars have the option of combining their Global Perspective summer with a short-term study abroad program. Projects range in duration from three weeks (if combined with study abroad) to a minimum of five weeks. Examples of past Global Perspective projects include:

  • Addiction Medicine: From Policy to Practice (Exploring Substance Use Disorder Treatment)—Netherlands, Portugal, and Scotland
  • Exploring the Health System—Malawi
  • Exploring Restorative Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Public Schools—Australia and New Zealand
  • Scaling Health Innovation: Clinic to Teaching Hospital in Ten Years—England, Portugal, Thailand, Uganda
  • Understanding the Impact of Colonialism in Rio and Havana Through Art and Dance Studies—Brazil and Cuba

Note: the timing of the third and fourth summers can be switched if the scholar prefers.

“If it wasn’t for the Global Perspective summer,

I would have never considered moving to Ireland to get my master’s in dance. It’s hard to imagine what my life would’ve been like without that summer—certainly less interesting and well-rounded!”

Kelsey Sutton '20

Global Perspective Image

The Fourth Summer: Professional Experience

Scholars begin to explore the transition from Carolina to the working world by pursuing a professional internship in their final summer.