Headshot of Vincent Lagacé ’06

Vincent Lagacé ’06

Vincent Lagacé ’06 is among the newest members of the Ashoka Fellowship, a group of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs and innovators. Ashoka Fellows create new ideas in order to sustain, promote, and better society’s systems by providing tangible benefits for communities and improving the lives of those who live within them.

A Canadian Morehead-Cain, Vincent is now based in Mexico, where he works to enhance the value chains between small producers and the organizations and cooperatives that buy their products, including coffee, fruits, vegetables, honey, and dairy. His work aims to widen market access for producers of various agricultural products in the country.

CEO and co-founder of Nuup, Vincent’s goals go beyond market access to encompass larger social themes. Those include rural development, environmental impact, technology and visibility among producers, and accessibility for all actors involved throughout the process.

Deeply interested in the Mexican food sector and how it is intertwined with social justice and economic development, Vincent works with many different types of lenders and cooperatives to improve transparency surrounding vital issues facing food security and sharing in Central America.

Learn more about Vincent’s work by visiting his Ashoka Fellowship webpage.

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October 10, 2019


Entrepreneurship and Startups, Environment and Sustainability, International

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