Four photos of Rodrigo biking, rowing, hiking, and walking around Ventura.

As the final installment of our four-part series this fall on the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), Rodrigo Bustamante ’20 shares about his experience working at Patagonia in Ventura, California. The recent graduate was the company’s first-ever summer editorial intern.

In your fourth summer, which is called Professional Experience, you’ll take part in an approved internship or pursue a startup idea of your own. You’ll learn invaluable professional skills that will serve you well in your career—whether you pursue private business, the nonprofit world, or self-directed entrepreneurship.

Rodrigo “Rod” Bustamante is a Cuban-American visual artist and storyteller from Miami, Florida. He graduated from Carolina with a degree in global studies and minors in environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

Rodrigo: In 2016, I backpacked through the Northern Talkeetna Mountains in Alaska with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). This experience changed my life and inspired me to set my sights on Patagonia.

I worked on a variety of personal projects and traveled all over the globe in the years that followed. Ultimately, I had the immense opportunity of being selected as the editorial intern for Patagonia!

I moved across the country to Ventura, California, for my 12-week internship. Within a day of arriving, I had bought a used bike and began settling into life on the West Coast.

Landscape view of the city of Ventura, California.

I spent my days primarily researching sustainability in the apparel industry and considering the industry’s troubled past, cataloging the bleak realities of the present, and mapping out some possibilities for a hopeful future. I presented these findings to the entire creative team in my final days at Patagonia.

Rodrigo presents his findings to the Patagonia staff in a conference room.

I also joined a group of creatives to develop the initial idea for a brand campaign on climate action, which came to formation as part of a larger initiative that launched in September of that year.

Street view of building advertisements which say: "Facing extinction" and "I strike for climate action."

And finally, I helped the editors with Patagonia’s official blog, “The Cleanest Line.” I even got published!

My article: “2025 or Bust: Patagonia’s Carbon Neutrality Goal.”

Screenshot of Rodrigo's article on Patagonia's blog.

Every day started with a hearty breakfast and a good cup of coffee with friends. And always seemed to end with a bike ride for sunset.

Photos of flowers and a sunrise.

I had lots of fun adventures through the internship program, like climbing in the Sespe one afternoon!

Group of climbers.

Patagonia has nine-hour workdays, which meant I got every other Friday off of work . . . giving me lots of time to play in the outdoors!

Landscape view of mountains.

On one weekend, I traveled to Colorado for a workshop with my favorite photographer, Chris Burkard, through the Lovelace Fund for Discovery. Afterwards, I met up with some scholars in Colorado Springs.

Rodrigo with a friend; people rafting.

I also visited Shawen Conway ’20 in San Francisco. We had spent two summers together in Cape Town and Boston, so I needed to stop by!

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

I was so worried about moving to a new place all alone at the beginning of the summer, but I was always surrounded by my inspiring (and very fun) cohort of interns who became some of my close friends.

Silhouettes of two people jumping on the beach at sunset.

Together, we made this sleepy town our home.

Ventura Pier Beach.

I grew so much as an artist and environmental activist during my time with Patagonia. I’m so grateful for the mentorship I received through this program. My conversations with colleagues—in and out of work—helped me map out my next steps.

Screenshot of an environmental ad.

All in all, it was a summer filled with bike rides, beach days, hikes, and sunsets. That made my heart very happy.

Keep up with me at @whoisrodb on Instagram! You also learn more about my work on my website.

Til next time,
Rodrigo Bustamante ’20

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September 23, 2020


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