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Applying to the Morehead-Cain is an involved process, and we want you to feel confident all along the way. To help you navigate this important process, we’ve answered some common questions below.

I applied to the Morehead-Cain. Do I also need to apply to UNC?

Yes, all Morehead-Cain candidates need to apply to UNC by the January 15 deadline in order to remain eligible for the scholarship. The Common Application for UNC is a separate process from the Morehead-Cain application.

Do my UNC application essays need to be different than my Morehead-Cain essays?

Not necessarily. Your UNC application essays will be read by UNC Admissions officers, while your Morehead-Cain essays will be read by specially trained Morehead-Cain readers. The people who read your Morehead-Cain essays will not read your UNC admissions essays, so you are welcome to multi-purpose your essays if you feel they fit prompts on both applications.

Can I write about the same topic or activity in multiple essays?

Yes, it’s quite possible that one of your activities is so significant and multifaceted that you need multiple essays to do it justice. However, it’s worth considering whether you might be able to pack all those important considerations into one essay. Our most competitive applicants engage in a variety of activities during their high school years, and we want to know about all of it. We recommend using the limited space on the written application to showcase that variety and breadth in your interests and commitments. You are totally welcome to write about the same topic or activity in multiple essays, but make sure your application sufficiently covers everything that is important to you.

Can my parents and teachers help with my essays?

In short, no one else should write, edit, or rewrite any part of your application. It is meant to be your own work, and you will sign a statement of honesty verifying this. Remember, one of our main pillars is character. We trust that all parts of your application will be completed with integrity.

We want these essays to represent YOU: your experiences, your perspective, your voice. We fully believe that you are best represented in your own writing, without influence or extra “help” from parents and teachers.

Of course, it might make sense for you to talk to your parents, teachers, and friends about what you’ve achieved during your high school years, in order to help you clarify what’s most important to you. The people closest to you will know you well and might be able to offer insight that helps you understand yourself. But only you can know and articulate your internal motivations and values. So it’s important that your essays come from you. That means you write them, and guard against letting others influence your writing with too much of their own well-meaning opinions.

We believe you know yourself and can describe yourself best!