A wheat field on a sunny day.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Elmrabti ’25

For her Professional Experience summer, Jasmine Elmrabti ’25 is conducting research with the University of Luxembourg’s Theoretical Chemical Physics group. The team is applying quantum mechanical and chemical methods to characterize a biomolecular complex as a collective oscillatory system.

Employing quantum chemical theories and computational software, Jasmine is helping develop a series of mathematical and computational approaches for the project.

“Our project is an effort to potentially describe the behavior of a macromolecular system with quantum physics, which is simultaneously wonderful and terrifying,” Jasmine said.

Her favorite aspect of the work has been designing geometrical analyses.

“For me, playing with theoretical toy models, little approximations of natural events, is easily the best part of studying physics.”

In the Professional Experience summer, scholars take part in an approved internship or pursue a startup idea of their own. They learn invaluable professional skills that will serve them well in their careers—whether it be in private business, nonprofit, or self-directed entrepreneurship.

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