Uredo Agada ’26 and James Dean ’89 stand outside a set. There are cameras and camera men in the background. Uredo is wearing glasses with a yellow halter top. James is wearing a baseball cap, headphones around his neck, a blue casual shirt, and a tan jacket.

Uredo Agada ’26 and James Dean ’89

For her Professional Experience summer, Uredo Agada ’26 interned on a set in Manchester, England, with film and television producer James Dean ’89.

The two have been working on the forthcoming British thriller Playdate. Disney+ will release the five-part series in 2024. For seven weeks, Uredo supported departments in production, design, makeup, costume, camera, sound, and locations. The crew will head to the south of France to film next.

In the Professional Experience summer, scholars take part in an approved internship or pursue a startup idea of their own. They learn invaluable professional skills that will serve them well in their careers—whether it be in private business, nonprofit, or self-directed entrepreneurship.

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Published Date

August 15, 2023


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