Headshots of 2020 Chancellor's Awards recipients

Eight Morehead-Cain Scholars received Chancellor’s Awards this year.

Eight Morehead-Cain Scholars have received Chancellor’s Awards, the University’s highest student honors for excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, and leadership.

Class of 2020

Headshot of Agnes Ezekwesili ’20

Agnes is a nutrition major with a minor in chemistry.

Agnes Ezekwesili ’20 received The George Moses Horton Award for Multicultural Leadership, presented to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, initiative and creativity in multicultural education programs.

Headshot of Evelyn Morris ’20

Evie is an economics major with minors in philosophy, and politics and economics.

Evelyn (Evie) Morris ’20 received The Undergraduate Award in Economics, presented to the undergraduate majoring in economics that is judged to be the most outstanding based on performance in major and related courses.

Headshot of Megan Raisle ’20

Megan is an environmental studies major with a minor in African Studies.

Megan Raisle ’20 received The McNally Award for Excellence in Geography, presented to a senior who is selected by the geography faculty based on superior academic performance.

Headshot of Ruth Tomlin ’20

Ruth is an economics and philosophy major.

Ruth Tomlin ’20 received The Worth Award, presented to an undergraduate for sustained excellence in the study of philosophy.

Headshot of Uzorma Owete ’20

Uzorma is a computer science major.

Uzorma Owete ’20 received The James O. Cansler Service Award, presented to a student whose faith has inspired outstanding service to the needs of humanity.

Headshot of Wesley Price ’20

Wesley is a biology and political science major with a mathematics minor.

Wesley Price ’20 received The L. Richardson Preyer Award for Excellence in Political Science, presented to a senior judged by a committee of the faculty to have established the most distinguished record of scholarship in political science and service to the community.

Class of 2021

Headshot of Donald L. Fejfar ’21

Donald is a biostatistics major with a chemistry minor.

Donald L. Fejfar ’21 received The Marty Pomerantz Sport Clubs Council Achievement, presented to the undergraduate who demonstrates leadership, commitment, and makes the greatest positive contribution to the strength and vitality of the sports club program.

Headshot of Sean Nguyen ’21

Sean is a history major with minors in public policy, and statistics and analysis.

Sean Nguyen ’21 received The Brenda W. Kirby Award, presented to the student who has most effectively worked to establish a community of cooperation and service between students and constituents of the larger University that might include administrators, faculty, staff, students, trustees, and alumni.

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