Peter Blair Henry, New York University’s Stern School of Business Dean Emeritus

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On this episode, you’ll hear from Peter Henry ’91, an expert in global economics and a recent recipient of UNC’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Peter was the youngest person ever to serve as dean of New York University Stern School of Business. In January 2018 he stepped down—after eight years in the role—to return to his economic policy research. Prior to NYU, Peter was a member of the faculty at Stanford University.

Peter led an economics advisory group for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008. He then led the Presidential Transition Team in reviewing international lending agencies including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Peter has also advised the governments of Ghana and Jamaica on macroeconomic policy.

His current research focuses on the impact of economic reform on the lives of people in developing countries. In his first book, which is called Turnaround, Peter argues that the secret to emerging countries’ success (and to the future prosperity of the developed world as well) is discipline.

At Carolina, Peter was a reserve wide receiver on the varsity football team. He later received a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford, where he earned a BA in mathematics and a Full Blue in basketball. Peter also has a PhD in economics from MIT.


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