Gap Year

Explore your world beyond college, before college.

Learning isn’t always a linear process. It’s traditional for many college-bound secondary school graduates to go straight to college. But this well-traveled path is not for everyone, including some Morehead-Cains.

We recognize this.

That’s why we encourage Morehead-Cain recipients to consider stepping away from academia for a year—before their college journey begins—to explore the world and, in the process, themselves.

We believe this choice adds considerable value to the college experience. And we believe that gap years that include global experiences—and broaden perspectives—add exponentially more value.

This is why we provide up to $7,500 in funding for any gap year with a significant international component.

Many students and their parents worry that a year out of school will stifle their academic drive and ambition. Our experience tells us the opposite is true. We’ve found that gap-year scholars arrive at Carolina with with a greater appreciation for the value of an education and a greater sense of how to make the most of that opportunity.

The year away allows them to discover what makes them want to learn and excel. They start Carolina even more excited and energized about making an impact.

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