The application window to join the Morehead-Cain Class of 2028 is now closed.

Our Criteria

The Morehead-Cain is brought to life by hundreds of individuals from around the world—which calls for some criteria.


You initiate. You get things done.

You influence, energize, and inspire others to work together to make an impact. It’s more than titles held or roles played. For you, leadership is about courage and action.

We believe leadership is about more than titles and awards. It’s about searching for ways to positively impact the world around you. Our community seeks to embody the qualities and values we admire in great leaders. We believe the best leaders open doors for others. We honor humility, champion integrity, and celebrate teamwork.


Courage, humility, and integrity.

Courage, humility, integrity, maturity, perseverance, self‑awareness, generosity, and empathy—these are the core values of the Morehead‑Cain community. You embrace the fact that you are growing and learning.

We embrace stretch experiences as a way of life. We strive for a deeper understanding of ourselves, and have the courage to stand up for what we believe in. We encourage others through persistent joy, humor, and positivity. We champion integrity and celebrate teamwork, giving more than we expect to get. We believe the experience is as important as the outcome.


You live for opportunities to learn.

You thrive in an academically rigorous environment, yet are able to contribute to your community in other ways. You’re ready to take full advantage of UNC’s academic excellence.

We’re steadfastly curious, pursuing solutions to the most puzzling issues of our time. We ask bold, smart questions; we seek multiple and creative answers. We share knowledge and inspiration with others. We thrive on connecting with others to support, inspire, and inform each other.

Physical Vigor

You have demonstrated a sustained commitment to fitness and wellness.

You value what is gained—collaboration, sportsmanship, discipline, stamina, and persistence—by preparing for and engaging in competitions and performances.*

*Due consideration is given to nominees with physical limitations.
We’re explorers and adventurers who are intentional about taking care of our health and well-being. We believe the discipline required for regular physical activity translates well to the stamina required for strong leadership. We know that the teamwork facilitated through sports provides a foundation for lifelong spirit of collaboration.


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Morehead-Cain is an equal opportunity organization. It is the policy of the Morehead-Cain Foundation not to discriminate against any nominee or applicant on the basis of race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.