Final Selection Weekend

It’s opportunity to “try on” Carolina—and so much more.

It’s an opportunity to sample life as a Morehead-Cain—and so much more.

Reaching Final Selection Weekend takes hard work. And while the experience that awaits you this year is different than years past due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be no less special.

You’ll join approximately 160 finalists in learning about the Morehead-Cain Program and the opportunities it offers, discovering the academic rigor of UNC-Chapel Hill, and developing the beginnings of lifelong friendships.

There is, of course, your final interview. But that is but a small part of the experience. You’ll have plenty of time to ask thoughtful questions and hear honest answers, talk with Morehead-Cain Scholars and Alumni about their experiences, connect with fellow finalists, attend classes, and get a better sense of what it might feel like to join the Morehead-Cain community.