Ideas and Opinions

Can I sit with you at lunch?

February 3, 2017

During my time as a Morehead-Cain Scholar, I learned something called “intentional serendipity”—the idea of setting yourself up to experience the lucky moments that... Continue reading

Objectivity and the value of an open mind

March 30, 2016

Early on in their careers, many journalists learn a tenet they’re expected to carry with them until the end: Never compromise your objectivity. Objectivity... Continue reading

A Letter to My Younger Self

March 9, 2015

Dear John, First of all, congratulations on the Morehead Scholarship. Believe me, I'm as surprised as you are. Continue reading

The Morehead-Cain Scholarship prepared me for a career shift—years before I even knew I’d make one

July 16, 2014

By Erin Becker ’11 After two years as a teacher and freelance writer in Santiago, Chile, I came back to the U.S. get a master’s in teaching and become a high school English instructor. Mid-way into the first semester, I