Ideas and Opinions

Our Application Is Live! Now What?

August 17, 2018

Hooray! The 2018–2019 Morehead-Cain application went live just a couple of days ago! It’s time to dig down and start filling out your application for the nation’s first merit scholarship (founded at its first public university!). This is a huge

Fashion as Social Change: Lessons from One Scholar’s Summer

August 10, 2018

Sara, who's from Charlotte, North Carolina, spent her Public Service summer in Ollantaytambo, Peru. She worked for a nonprofit called Awamaki, which connects Andean artisan weavers with global markets. Continue reading

Application First Steps

August 3, 2018

Our application portal goes live in less than two weeks, so now is a great time to start thinking about first steps. In last week's blog post, we covered a few things you should do when you're considering applying. If

What to Do When You’re Considering Applying for the Morehead-Cain

July 27, 2018

If you're interested in applying for the Morehead-Cain, your first step is to find out if you're eligible. Your eligibility for the scholarship depends... Continue reading

Introducing the Morehead-Cain Blog!

July 20, 2018

This is a space for Morehead-Cain staff, scholars, and alumni to share opinions, ideas, and experiences in a conversational format. Continue reading

In 2017, I resolve to free myself from resolutions

February 20, 2017

It's February. You're either a little more than a month in and it's time to reflect on your performance against those New Year's resolutions, or... Continue reading