Current Trustees

In order of appearance from left to right:

David C. Wright III ’80, Chairman
W. Frank Dowd IV ’78
Margaret W. Weaver
Timothy P. Sullivan ’85
G. Kennedy Thompson ’73, Vice Chairman
Lucy Hanes Chatham
Pearlynn G. Houck, General Counsel

Not pictured:
Terri Lacy

Former Trustees

Timothy B. Burnett ’62 (2001–2016)
Hugh G. Chatham (1950–1985)
Richard T. Chatham Jr. (1964–1984)
Robert Cluett (1968–2006)
Norman A. Cocke (1945–1967)
Alan T. Dickson (1964–2006)
Mary Cain Driscoll (2006–2007)
A. Holly Cluett Gwynne-Timothy (2007–2016)
Howell K. Hallett (1967–1968)
Frank Borden Hanes (1965–2001)
Robert M. Hanes (1949–1959)
John A. Larkin III (2007–2017)
Jean Motley Morehead Larkin (1984–2004)
John L. Morehead II (1945–1964)
John M. Morehead III (1945–1965)
W. Harris Nelson (1959–1964)
Russell M. Robinson II, General Counsel (1965–2007)
James D. Weaver (2007–2015)