The Morehead-Cain Experience

What is it like to be a Morehead-Cain Scholar?

The Morehead-Cain experience is an undergraduate educational opportunity like no other.

First, there are the tangibles.

The Morehead-Cain is a four-year merit scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It promises:

Support for your life at Carolina

  • full tuition
  • student fees
  • housing
  • meals
  • books and a laptop
  • supplies and miscellaneous
  • Discovery Funds to be used for education opportunities

Support for your life across the world

  • A four-year Summer Enrichment Program made up of diverse, customized experiences that begin the summer before freshman year and include:
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Public Service
  • Inquiry and Exploration
  • Private Enterprise

But the Morehead-Cain is more than that. It’s also a close-knit community of doers, thinkers, dreamers, and adventurers. In this community you’ll find motivated, smart, funny, interesting peers, as well as accomplished and eager mentors: the Morehead-Cain Alumni.

Yes, our alumni—more than 3,000 of them—are the secret sauce of the Morehead-Cain.

Their experiences and advice will help you navigate the world beyond campus. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to having a crystal ball.

The MC Network

Through our online alumni directory, scholars are encouraged to reach out for advice on internships, graduate programs, travel, and just about anything else that might come up (within reason).

Our alums have interests as diverse as yours, if you can believe it, and they’re more than happy to help.

Alumni Speaker Series

A lot less formal and a lot more interesting than it sounds. Throughout the semester, we’ll schedule lunches, coffee hours, and the occasional food-free chat with visiting alums.


Each semester, we assemble a group of accomplished alumni to tackle a particular issue: education reform, say, or sustainable design. They’ll gather on campus for two days, holding a discussion panel and office hours with individual students.

The Alumni Forum

Every three years, several hundred of our alums return to campus for a long weekend of catching up with one another and meeting scholars.

We’ll hold discussion panels, share meals, offer student and alumni performances—it’s like an intellectual cruise that never leaves shore. The last Alumni Forum was held on October 9–11, 2015, on campus here in Chapel Hill. The next will take place on October 19–21, 2018.

For more about what it’s like to be a scholar on campus, check out the photos on our Facebook page.