For Guidance Counselors

The deadline for out-of-state nominees to apply for the Morehead-Cain is October 1, 2018.
The deadline for North Carolina nominees to apply for the Morehead-Cain is October 15, 2018.
The deadline for Canadian nominees to apply for the Morehead-Cain is October 31, 2018.
The final deadline to apply for admission to Carolina is January 15, 2019.

With only 3 percent of candidates gaining admission to the Program each year, the Morehead-Cain is among the most highly selective undergraduate educational opportunities in the U.S. North Carolina Schools: All high schools in North Carolina are eligible to nominate students for the Morehead-Cain. The number of nominees from each North Carolina school is determined by the size of the senior class: Size of Senior Class | Number of Nominees

  • Up to 199 | 2 nominees
  • 200–399 | 3 nominees
  • 400–499 | 4 nominees
  • 500+ | 5 nominees

British and Canadian Schools: All British and Canadian schools are eligible to become nominating partners, and each school may nominate up to three students for the Morehead-Cain. If your school is not currently a nominating school, but you would like to nominate students for the Morehead-Cain, please contact selections to have your school added to our list of nominating partners. Out-of-State and International Schools: Out-of-state and international secondary schools must be named official nominating schools by the Morehead-Cain Foundation to be eligible to put forward students for the scholarship. Out-of-state nominating schools may nominate two seniors each year for the Morehead-Cain; international nominating schools may nominate three seniors each year.

Interested in becoming a nominating school? Please visit this site in January 2019 to apply to become a nominating school for the  2019–2020 academic year. The process to accept eligible nominating schools for the 2018–2019 cycle is closed. We will follow up in April with all interested schools. Feel free to contact selections with any questions.

If you are a counselor at a school that is not currently a nominating partner, your students could still be eligible for the Morehead-Cain through the Admissions Referral Program (ARP). Students who apply to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by the October 15, 2018 Early Action deadline are considered for the Morehead-Cain. North Carolina residents attending high school outside the state may nominate themselves and apply directly.

How To Nominate a Student

Convene a school nominating committee, which may consist of counselors, school administrators, and other faculty members, and make your selection based on the Morehead-Cain selection criteria. To assist you in identifying your nominee(s), feel free to distribute the following forms to your colleagues and students as appropriate:

Once a Student is Nominated (Out-of-State, British, and Canadian Schools Only)

Once selection is made, it is the nominating committee’s responsibility to notify the nominees and the Morehead-Cain Foundation (providing the students’ contact information and transcript) using the nomination form. Career advisers from the United Kingdom are asked to complete this British nomination form by September 28, 2018. Counsellors from Canada are asked to completed this Canadian nomination form by October 31, 2018. The deadline for out-of-state schools to complete this form was June 30, 2018. Click here for more detailed instructions for out-of-state schools.

Once a Student is Nominated (North Carolina and International Schools)

Once selection is made, it is the school’s responsibility to simply notify the nominees of their nominations. You do not need to submit the names of your nominees to us; they will indicate that they are school nominees on their Morehead-Cain applications, and you will have a chance to verify that status. The deadline to notify your nominees of their nominations is September 28 for North Carolina and international schools .