Get Involved

Ways to Connect

We invite all Morehead-Cain Alumni to remain involved and engaged with the Foundation and the Program in any (or all) of the ways outlined below. Your contributions are the true secret to the continued success of the Program. Thank you for everything you do for us, for the scholars, and for the University!

Update your profile on the MC Network (MCN)

The more information you provide, the easier it is for scholars and fellow alums to discover common interests. Our scholars are particularly adept at prowling the MCN to track down advice on everything from career moves to restaurant recommendations. They’re not a shy bunch. Log in here.

And if you’ve forgotten your user name or password, please contact Emily Olson.

Participate in the selection process

Alumni are heavily involved in finding the next generation of Morehead-Cain Scholars. When we invite you to read applications, serve on a selection committee, or help us convince recipients to accept the scholarship, please say yes! Feel free to contact selections for details.

Drop in and meet with scholars

If you’re planning to be in Chapel Hill, please let us know. We’d love to see you and, if time permits, arrange for you to meet with scholars. Our Alumni Speaker Series will only take 45 minutes of your time and will be fun and rewarding for you and and the scholars! Contact Emily Olson for details.

And if Emily reaches out to you to be part of the Alumni-in-Residence Program, please give it some serious thought! This two-day visit to Chapel Hill with five or six of your fellow Morehead-Cain Alumni is as energizing and inspirational as it sounds. You will spend time with alumni who share your career interest or another area of expertise. You will mentor current scholars through one-on-one office hours, panel discussions, and lunch and dinner conversations . . . all while spending time on the gorgeous Carolina campus. Previous Alumni-in-Residence programs have focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Careers, Education Reform, Careers in Nonprofits, and Careers in Energy and the Environment.

Make a donation

A form of involvement that never goes out of style, and a great way to give back to Carolina. Make your online gift here.

Become a Morehead-Cain Partner

Morehead-Cain Partner is a new designation that recognizes and honors the loyal commitment of many of our Morehead-Cain Alumni who are helping ensure the future of the program. Click here to learn more.

Host an intern

If your company has an internship program—or is looking to start one—we’d be happy to loan you a fully funded collegiate workaholic. Contact Julie DeVoe, scholar advisor, for details.