The History of the Alumni Forum

1997: Inaugural Alumni Forum

The first-ever Morehead Alumni Forum was held April 18–20, 1997, at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center in Chapel Hill.

The brainchild of Brad Ives ’86, it was successfully planned and carried out by a hardworking committee of alumni chaired by Brad and including Jennie Edmundson Robertson ’85, Tim Newman ’86, Bob Bilbro ’62, Chip Stam ’75, George Krichbaum ’69, Don Esposito ’91, Trey Loughran ’90, Bryan Hassel ’88, David Gardner ’88, Margaret McKinnon Gardner ’88, Lucy McClellan Steiner ’88, Kate Reid Koeze ’83, Jim Cooper ’75, Katharine Kelley ’87, Norfleet Pruden ’70, and Jennifer Cresimore LeMay ’83.

More than 250 Alumni and spouses attended the first Forum, and the keynote speakers were Tom Morris ’74, public philosopher, prolific author, and advisor to the corporate world; and Alan Murray ’77, then the Washington Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal and now chief content officer for Time Inc.

Click here to view a copy of the 1997 Alumni Forum schedule.

2000: You Wanted to Save the World . . . Still Interested?

Co-Chairs: Brad Ives ’86 and Chuck Ferguson ’63

The second Forum was held April 28–30, 2000. Approximately 230 attended, and keynote speakers were Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner ’88 and U.S. Congressman David Price ’61.

Click here to view a copy of the 2000 Alumni Forum schedule.

2003: Embracing Risk in a World of Change

Co-Chairs: Chuck Ferguson ’63 and Pam Hartley ’93

The third Forum was held March 28–30, 2003. Approximately 200 attended, and speakers were David Gardner ’88 and then–president and CEO of Wachovia Ken Thompson ’73.

Click here to view a copy of the 2003 Alumni Forum schedule.

2006: Extraordinary Questions… Extraordinary Answers… Extraordinary People

Co-Chairs: Pam Hartley ’93 and Rick Callaway ’71

The fourth Forum was held April 7–9, 2006. More than 400 attended, and the speakers were UNC Women’s Soccer Coach Anson Dorrance and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author Taylor Branch ’68.

Click here to view a copy of the 2006 Alumni Forum schedule.

2009: Permission to Relax, Recharge, Rediscover

Co-Chairs: Rick Callaway ’71 and Monica Parham ’90

The fifth Forum was held October 22–25, 2009. About 300 attended, and speakers were Naimul Huq ’08 (now Director of Media and Engagement with W2O Group) and Jim Surowiecki ’88, Business Columnist for the New Yorker and author of The Wisdom of Crowds.

Click here to view a copy of the 2009 Alumni Forum schedule.

2012: All the Fun of College. None of the Stress.

Co-Chairs: Monica Parham ’90 and Terry Bowman ’85

The sixth Forum was held October 19–21, 2012. About 275 attended, and speakers were local farmer and restaurateur Jamie DeMent ’01 and a keynote interview featuring then–Executive Editor of the Wall Street Journal Online Alan Murray ’77 and Dean of New York University’s Stern School of Business Peter Henry ’91.

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2015: Championing the Lifelong Journey

Co-Chairs: Terry Bowman ’85 and Barbara Hyde ’83

The seventh Forum was held October 9–11, 2015. More than 500 alumni, guests, and current scholars participated in SEVEN Talks, panels, breakout discussions, meals, and many other fun and enriching events.

Go here to see highlights from the weekend at to view the full schedule of events!